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Non-woven covering hot-melt adhesive film advantage
From: Guangzhou Di Ya shoe material Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-03-01

With the rapid improvement of the living standard, the people's demand for the quality of life is also getting higher and higher. The application in the field of wall decoration more and more frequent, so how to better fit with Qiangbu, maximize the appearance? We are going to talk about the hot melt adhesive non-woven covering the advantages of film.
1. Excellent environmental protection performance
Home decoration is not environmentally friendly problems occur frequently, and the decoration poisoning is also common. However, whether it is the use of cold glue or glue are wallpaper Qiangbu without worrying about environmental issues. The hot glue is covering hot melt adhesive film press fit wall directly, the operation is simple and convenient, go. The environmental protection problem can be assured, the raw material is hot melt adhesive, which belongs to the environmental protection material. Even the cold glue Qiangbu, don't worry, the general use of the adhesive are formal procedures for the completion of the operation, are used in plant fiber raw materials do not have to worry about.
Two. Good aesthetic performance
We are for the beautiful decoration, just brush latex paint it visually monotonous, but with the wall is not the same, there can be a lot for us to choose the product types, we can according to their own preferences to select the appropriate style of decoration.
Three. Strong durable performance
Non-woven wall covering paste after fitting is simple and convenient, can be maintained for a long time, do not worry about dust problems such as desertification, durable performance is also very good for wall covering use points!
Non-woven wall is how to realize the fit? The use of hot melt bonding wall without considering the glue dripping like there, a pressing molding, can keep the site clean, this is a big selling point of hot melt adhesive wall covering. At the same time, the model is full, low temperature ironing, easy to wall, accurate size, neat cut and so on are its advantages.



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