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What is the difference between the latex mattress and the sea cotton
From: Guangzhou Di Ya shoe material Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-03-01

(a) natural latex mattress mattress is the natural latex from rubber trees to collect rubber sap, through the exquisite technique to combine modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patented technology to mold, foam, gel, washing, drying, curing, molding and packaging technology to produce various excellent properties for the body quality and healthy sleep modern green bedroom supplies. They are extremely precious, because each tree can produce only 30cc latex for each tree per day. A latex product will take at least one day and a half a day and a half to complete the production. It is a very time-consuming and valuable product. The latex mattress made of latex has high elasticity and can meet the needs of people of different weight. Its good supporting ability can adapt to all kinds of sleeping positions of sleeper. The contact area of the latex mattress is much higher than that of the ordinary mattress, and it can distribute the body weight evenly. It has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture and having more sterilization effect. Another feature of latex mattress is no noise, no vibration, effectively improve the quality of sleep, good air permeability, the market price is high at present. (1) the advantages are evaporated molding. There are numerous pores and breathable properties. Because the surface of the pores is smooth, mites cannot be attached to them, and latex juice has a very important feature, which is that the smell of its perfume makes many mosquitoes reluctant to approach.  Excellent elasticity, no deformation, washable and durable. Good health is based on material; natural latex rubber sap, by evaporation molding, because there are numerous pores, so has good air permeability; and the latex is excellent flexibility, not easy to deformation. The quality of the latex mattress is made of natural latex. It has good resilience, it can prevent mite and bacteria, and it can also meet the needs of people with different weight. Good supporting ability can adapt to all kinds of sleeping positions of sleeper. Latex is a good gift for human sleep, latex mattresses, and pillows are the leading bedding tools in the world's advanced countries. In Europe, they found that the elimination of fatigue, sleep, and the use of natural bedding, providing continuous support and soft feeling. The unique characteristics of latex not only meet the needs of consumers, but also conform to the new life that is returning to the natural trend, that is, respecting oneself and pursuing the greatest comfort in life. So millions of Europeans buy natural latex bedding every year.
(2) shortcomings
1, latex itself can not prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process is faster.
2, the real latex is not formed, the purity of natural latex rubber latex called the most is only 20% - 40%, protein and carbohydrate. The emulsion must be added to the alkali class to prolong the storage time.
3, however, latex rubber has an allergy, and about 8% of the people are allergic to latex.
(two) sponge mattress and spring mattress are commonly used as modern traditional sponge mattress, no special sensitivity to temperature, but also can not be fully support for the shape curve; sponge mattress supporting force is poor, therefore, every once in a while to turn the mattress, a change of direction, avoid the human body sleeping place collapse. The slow rebound sponge mattress with one hundred hours sleep has good resilience, which greatly reduces the necessity of tossing and turning on the bed, and improves people's sleep quality. The difference between the slow rebound memory sponge with one hundred sleep points and the traditional sponge is that the slow rebound memory sponge is a special material with any sponge that has ever been touched before. Slow rebound memory sponge is a kind of material that can be deformed according to the change of body temperature. When the slow springback sea is pressed, it does not produce a rebound until all the pressure is dispersed evenly. When the external force is stopped, it will slowly restore the original shape.
(1) advantages
The sponge mattress is lightweight and comfortable compared with other mattress materials by molding and fitting your weight changing body. At the same time, it will not be disturbed by him tossing and sleeping with his partner.
(2) disadvantages of sponge mattress is soft, people lay down can not form on the waist hold power, cause lumbar muscle tension in the long term, will cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc disease; sponge mattress of poor ventilation, resulting in sleep The new supersedes the old. waste, water vapor will continue through the skin from the mattress airtight, these wastes can not be distributed, is not conducive to human health.



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